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Real Name • Michael Hossler
AIM • gitovarisch
Yahoo IM • slyfox6cav

Without going into a huge amount of detail (as much as I love writing, I hate writing about myself, which should be the easiest topic... ah well.), I\'m a 20-something college student from Pennsylvania. I\'ve always enjoyed writing, and first started shortly after I got a computer in my preteen years writing atrocious fanfiction. Others in the fandom I was a member of apparently saw something I didn\'t, and encouraged me to go on, and over time I\'d like to think that I\'ve improved, both through more writing and roleplaying in places like Tapestries Muck, but the true judge of that will be you, the readers. At any rate, I hope that you enjoy reading whatever I post here as much as I\'ve enjoyed writing it, which is to say I hope that you spend long, agonizing hours cursing silently at a blank OpenOffice screen as well... ;)


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
06 Jun 2006 Shadows of the Past Mystery 9 41231