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Real Name • Steven
Gender • male

I'm a fur who lives in Burien, WA, and I've been writing for at least ten years. Even before I became a member of the community, I've always had a thing with talking animals. It wasn't until five years ago I began to use anthro characters.

I do have a handful of poems published, but no stories. It's something I'm hoping to change in the near future. All I have to do is finish something.

My influences are all over the place: James Patterson, Sue Henry, Jane Lindskold, early Brian Jacques to name a few, along with movies. Despite being a fan of thriller, a lot of my stories tend to lean more on Drama. The Fantasy part comes from using anthro characters.

As you may notice, I prefer to use the term 'anthro' over 'furry.' There's nothing with furry, I just find anthro to sound a bit more mature. I also avoid using furry terms. Anything related to yiff and paw being the main ones. I don't mention it in the stories, but my anthro characters have humanized feet, nor do they have humanized hair. They may have headfur, but it won't be lengthy.

I guess there's nothing else to say but I hope you enjoy my stories.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
19 Feb 2010 A Night's Pay Adult Drama, Erotica, Gay 1 1181