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Web Sitehttp://primusgod.webs.com/
Gender • female

Birthplace: Lorain, Ohio
Family Pets: One cat [A fat black and white cat with green eyes named Elvis], One dog [A skinny golden lab who nearly died when having pups named Sunny], three hamsters [Golden Domestic Cavy called Chowder, brown and white guinea pig called Pepsi, golden guinea pig called Butterscotch], two fish [Goldfish called Magikarp, Red Siamese Fighting Fish called Firebolt], two turtles [Bonnie and Clyde]
Favorite Foods: Ramen Noodles, macaroni, vanilla cake, ice cream, beef Ramen Noodles, pudding, Sweettarts, KitKat bars, Crunch bars, taffy, icing, spaghetti (white), toast and omelette's, pears

I am a consistant messy person who keeps everything in a box so I won't trip over it when I try to go to sleep.

Things I hate: People who give their children messed up names, chocolate, worms, insects, children, people, dogs, gorillas, banjo, guitar, animes that get their way, stuck up snobs, pie, math, social studies, mispronouncing, misspelling, children, mango, coconuts, peaches, one-liners in role play, bad artists who claim they're better than all, Satan's mind games, n00bs, showers, summer, afternoons, mornings, birds, penguins, Internet Explorer, Indiana Jones, band, Lord of the Rings, Clone Wars, superstars, cellphones, graphs, spiders, anything not of technology, love, sad saps, clingy friends, reunions, parents, rich and wealthy, dishonesty, sarcasm, Ouija boards, other people's fantasies, debating people, debates, moving, greeting, compliments, spam, mail, anything annoying, gossip, popularity, football, racism, sunlight, Digimon, bagels, flames, Robot Chicken

Things I like: Quiet places, poorness, orphanages, piano, Fantaisie Impromptu, Chopin, Transformers, cheating, melodies, drawing, vanilla, sadism, masochist, science, learning, technology, slavery, role playing, muteness, critique, information, truth, life, meaning, dictionaries, stories, fanfictions, destruction, my own twisted fantasies, English, art, reading, telepathy, Pokemon, writing, emotions of the soul, music, cats, leopards, facts, old lives, moonlight, space, universe, planets, white Siberian tigers, Siberian huskies, Naruto, Mermaid Melody, Santa Claus, Vulpix, Fruits Basket, Grand Theft Auto, fruit punch, lemonade, video games, computers, Clock Tower 3, Inuyasha, Utada Hikaru, Megan Fox, Michael Bay, Shiba Inus, Greek gods, ambrosia, Japan, quizzes, cookies, chips, reviews, Kim Possible, mythology, America's Got Talent, American Idol, Canadian Idol, Crash Bandicoot, Family Guy, American Dad


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
21 Dec 2008 Ambrosia: Chapter One Romance 1 4689