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Real Name • Camio

I write lots of things.... I've been writing for most of my 22 years of living. There were of course times when I couldn't write, but then my sister would write as I dictated XD This fox writes everything from porn to literature, furry to human, fantasy to... well... fantasy X3, academic papers as well ^_^ I love to receive constructive criticism so I can improve my writing and my stories.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
15 Nov 2010 Putting the Queer in Queercore Adult Erotica 1 8936 7.5
01 Dec 2008 Early Morning Fog Adult Drama, Erotica, Romance 2 5513 10.0
01 Dec 2008 Of Misguided Roommates and Unforeseen Disasters Adult Drama, Erotica, Gay, Romance 3 7253 6.0
27 Nov 2008 A Child's Rage Adult Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gay 3 13951
26 Nov 2008 Chronicles of Urthenoga Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 1 6375
26 Nov 2008 Nairith Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller 1 2415
26 Nov 2008 Maia Adult Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 1 6374