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Real Name • Harrison
Live JournalSilverwolf94
Gender • male

Hey there, for those of you who don't know me(and I'm taking a wild guess when I say thats most of you) my name's Harrison, or Silver as I go by in the furry world.

I found the fandom around a year ago and it has see fit to intergrate itself within my everyday life and I doubt its going anywhere for a long time. I try and make a balance between writing and drawing but lately the artistic side of myself has taken over and I have been drawing alot more than usual lately O.O.

The few stories that I have put up in the fandom are on Yiffstar, and you can check out my account if you want to, on Silver_wolf_94. strangely eough thats my username here o.O. Ok now that I'm just talking out of my tailhole I'll take that as a sign that I have no more interesting stuff to say.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
09 Nov 2008 Now You See Me: Chapter 2: A Week In Robinson's Bed Adult Now You See Me Erotica, Gay, Mystery, Thriller 1 1425
09 Nov 2008 Now You See Me: Chapter 1: The Long Run Adult Now You See Me Gay, Thriller 1 1526