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Real Name • Manfred Nicholas Brilliant
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Some people say writing is an art, and they usually drink coffee and wear glasses and affect fancy accents. I\'ll readily admit I do these things as well--and with relish--but there is something I know which they seem to forget: Writing is also a craft. Like carpentry or swordsmanship, there are certain necessities and certain conventions. Both of these have suffered a great deal at the hands of the Internet and instant messaging via cellular telephones, which forgives spelling errors made in haste and laxness in capitalization and punctuation brought on by laxness to such a degree that these are becoming the norm. Young people these days don\'t know their genitives from their contractions and while it absolutely isn\'t necessary to study in depth all the rules of grammar and syntax and punctuation, nor commit the entire OED or Heritage to memory, it is important at least to try to do it right. The people who try, these are my brothers. These are craftsmen, be they novices or apprentices or masters--myself, I classify a journeyman. Isn\'t that an exciting and romantic word?



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
05 Dec 2005 Week 4 Article 1 198
05 Dec 2005 Week 3 Article 1 214
10 Nov 2005 Week 2 Article 1 325
01 Nov 2005 Week 1 NaNoWriMo 2005 1 265
01 Nov 2005 Series for Writers FurRag for Writers Article 1 425