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Hello! I am an ordinary kitsune in this sea of furs and other critters. I'm on this site due to a friend, whom, thanks to a rather odd conversation, gave me the idea that turned into the story I will be updating on this website. We both came up with completely different ideas for a story, and this is merely my take. I won't give away any details on the story itself here. You'll have to read it yourself!

Though, I CAN give a few more tidbits about myself. Been in and out of the "furry thing" a few times, trying to find the proper balance between internet fun and real life.

I know that some of you don't like writing reviews of stories, and I know it can be quite a chore, but I would appreciate it if you at least left a rating or such. I'd prefer to know whether or not my story is actually entertaining or if it has a high read count because it's been on the "recent" list for so long.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
04 Aug 2008 A Dragonwolf Plush Comedy 7 9585 8.3