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Talk about being a little "long in the tooth", pun intended. I stumbled across the furry scene in the late eighties, and I\'ve been enjoying the prose and artwork of it ever since. I\'ve written some erotica, but I\'d like to branch out into other genres, and hopefully learn from others. Oh, yeah. And I need to learn how to write *short* stories. Badly.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
09 May 2007 Preventing Hypothermia Adult FANG Volume 1 Drama, Erotica, Gay 2 20002 9.3
09 May 2007 A Helping Hand the Morning After Adult FANG Volume 1 Comedy, Erotica, Gay 1 5815
09 May 2007 The Humble Giver Adult FANG Volume 1 1 1470 9.0
07 Nov 2005 Browardton Days Comedy 1 2326
04 Nov 2005 Stroll Adult Drama 1 9040 7.0