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Real Name • Stefan Kaiser
Gender • male

Born in a lousy little town in Germany, I grew up in a rather uncaring and restrictive family. Not allowed to go out with friends, I soon took to reading, and eventually writing.

Now, I'm still stuck in the same little town, with the same uncaring family, only that now I'm studying Maths and English and waiting for the day I can finally leave this place behind.


I'm struggling to improve my writing, so please offers constructive critique. Don't expect lengthy replies from me, though, since over the years without friends I have grown quite unsociable. 


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
18 Jun 2010 Freedom Adult Thriller 1 3821 10.0
22 May 2010 Adoration Adult Mystery 1 650
13 Mar 2008 Music Mystery 1 679 7.5