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Daniel Flemming

Web Sitehttp://danielflemming7.wix.com/writerdanielflemming
Gender • male

Daniel Flemming is a writer and filmmaker. He works usually involve talking animals (a concept which he thought of in Elementary School and he never lost his fascination with) Also, people with special needs and / or anxiety disorders are often featured in his work.

His writing is extremely personal and tries to implement some small form of social commentary, but above all, entertain the reader.

He really doesn?t have a favorite writer, he has a unique style, which he keeps by not reading a lot of novels or short stories.

Daniel started really writing a lot in High School, when his favorite Math teacher would ask him to write in journals, usually political or social commentary on local news. His writing was often given high marks by teachers for ?creativity?.

Flemming?s films are usually dramas and thrillers. His films are inspired by directors or films he knows well (Alfred Hitchcock and David Fincher are prime examples.) He?s actually more versed in filmmaking, but chooses to keep his films few and far between.

Aside from writing and filmmaking, Flemming on his off time, loves to act, sing, spend time with animals, connect with people online. He even has avid interests in Evolutionary Biology, Politics, Religion and psychology.

Flemming was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, he has developmental disabilities and slight autism. He currently resides near the city of Boston, Massachusetts.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
16 Aug 2013 The FURRY Perspicacity Drama 1 13177 10.0