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Real Name • Matt
Web Sitehttp://shaydemohr.sofurry.com
Gender • male

I'm an artist and writer out of the High Desert, in sunny Southern California. I write a large expanse of different genre, from Romance to Drama, Fantasy to Adventure, Erotic to Lovecraftian, and everywhere in between that I can get my hands on!

I write mostly for myself, but I also write to please others and I take commissions to try to suppliment my income, but I mostly just love to write because it is just such an incredible way to really express yourself. I draw a lot of inspiration from authors like Jules Verne, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft for my writing and my style, and one of my favorite things to do with a story is go back and add in a bunch of crazy words just like the best.

I take criticism like you wouldn't believe; in fact I just plain out feed on criticism for my artistic talent. Without people telling me how I can do better, there is no way I could have ever gotten to where I am today.

Types at around 130wpm.
Grammar Competency: College Level
Reading Level: Post College
Vocabulary Skill: Very Advanced



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
17 Jul 2013 The Dark Adult The Dark Erotica 1 3015
09 Jul 2013 Haze Adult Romance 1 2117 4.0
04 Jul 2013 Just A Little While Horror 1 1322