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Real Name • Kia Moonfang

A lonely loving wolf looking for friends and a little fun. I've black fur soft as silk with deep green eyes. I'm also a big gammer of MMOs and PS3 games. Other than that I'm not very good at talking about myself so I'll add more here as time goes on.


Name: Kia Moonfang
Race: Wolf
Occupation: Shinigami
Height: 5'3
Weight: 107
Eyes: Green
Fur: Black
Build: Average


Zanpakuto Stats:

Named: Kyoka (Firebrand).

Release Command: Howl, Kyoka.

Type: Fire elemental Zanpakuto

Sealed state: Like most Zanpakuto Kyoka looks like regular katana in this state but the handle of the blade is in the shape of a wolf's body and the guard has the same crest etched on it as the crest on his cloak's clasp.

Shikai (Initial Release): When Kia cries out the release command the wolf's head mouth opens the the blade changes into two kamas, each handle in the shape of a wolf's body. The mouths are open with a chain coming out of them. Pulling the kamas apart only serves lengthen the chain for swinging the weapon around. The chain can also be retracted back into the handles to shorten the chain. On the blades appears the same crest he has etched on his cloak clasp.


Honononami (Wave of flame) - A wave of flames that can be fire by swinging the blade or stabbing the blade into the ground.

Kajiarashi (Firestorm) - When called a storm of fire rains down burning most things in it's wake friend or foe.

Hon? no sanpo (Flame walk) - A very short range instant port using flames.

Bankai (Final Release): Faiyakingu Kyoka (Fire King Firebrand)

The Kamas burst into flames as an aura of fire surrounds Kia as wings of fire spring from his back. This boosts his speed, strength, intensifies all his Zanpakuto attacks times 15 and acting as a damage shield (Anything that hits him takes damage). A wolf's head appears on his neck with it's mouth open like it's howling and over two minutes the mouth slowly closes. When the mouth completely closes the Bankai fades leaving Kia in a very weakened state. Kia can draw on his life force adding a full two minutes more tops but this this can damage his soul and the full added time has a chance to destroy him. Even living through a minute of his Bankai off his life force will leave Kia in a coma state for a week and powerless for another three weeks.

My gaming (You play any of these?):

EverQuest - Erollisi Marr The Nameless Server - Methorn
Everquest II - Freeport Server in The City of Freeport - Methorn
Everquest II - Freeport Server in The City of Qeynos - Maxxwell
Everquest II - Freeport Server in The City of Qeynos - Ophelllia
(EQ2 char PICs)
(EQ2 Housing projects)
Ragnarok - Chaos - Metho
PSN ID: WhiteWolf_Metho
DC Universe Online PS3 - US PvE - Villain- Metho
(DC Universe Online Pics)
Free Realms - PS3 - Maxwell Shadowheart
Minecraft - kiamoonfang


Notable PS3 Games I have:

Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age 2
Bleach Soul Resurrecction
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion




Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
10 Apr 2013 The Darkfangs Adult The Darkfang Wolves Fantasy, Sci-Fi 3 4588