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Real Name • Shannon
Gender • female

I wrote quite a lot for six or seven years starting at age sixteen. By the time I was twenty, I had some 32-35 screenplays and a few sundry short stories and essays. Then some Big Dark Things ™ happened and I gave up on writing, destroying all of that work. Then in the Spring of 2006, the bug got me again and I wrote The Transformed for Foxx's site where it's listed as Exam since that's the name of the picture it's based on and attributed to Lady Amalthea, since that's my email address. A bit more time passed and in December of 2006 I started writing for the first short story archive I found, Doc's Lab. I didn't realize that it was a fetish site at first, but I decided to see if I could write erotica, so most of the stuff I wrote in 2007 has some sort of sexual overtones if it's not just out and out blatant sex. Starting with An Early Spring Night's Dream I have been moving away from the erotic aspect, and am a happier author for it. I think I might still write erotica if it's requested or commissioned, but it's no longer on the menu for my usual stuff.

My style is probably a little rough, but I don't have any real education in regards to writing. I barely graduated high school. Even so, I'm currently working on the first book of what I plan to be a Sci-fi/Fantasy trilogy, the scripts for two web comics I'd like to start, and I usually have no less than four short stories going. My writing style is mostly stream-of-consciousness, I think it lends a nice flow to my writing that seems a bit organic to me, but it also seems to get me stuck for ages if I get interrupted or lose the thread of where the story was going. The novel is the first thing I've ever really planned out, and it's going very slowly. I hope to make a crossover and be a mainstream unicorn.

I welcome all comments and criticisms, and I'm usually available on AIM, MSN, or YIM, though I prefer emails (lady.amalthea@gmail.com) or introductions first.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
01 Aug 2008 Whims of Fortune 1 2948 9.0
11 Apr 2008 Drawing Conclusions Adult Erotica, Transformation 1 1618
27 Mar 2008 Sacagawea's Journal Transformation 1 2724
17 Feb 2008 What You Eat Transformation 1 1856
17 Feb 2008 Hope Awakening Transformation 1 1108
17 Feb 2008 Awakening Transformation 1 1610
17 Feb 2008 They're Coming 1 850
17 Feb 2008 Refraction Transformation 1 1700
17 Feb 2008 Three-fourths Transformation 1 4187
17 Feb 2008 Change of Flightplan Transformation 1 1253
17 Feb 2008 Whiner's Dismissal Transformation 1 1685
17 Feb 2008 An Early Spring Night's Dream Transformation 1 3228
17 Feb 2008 Dark Horrizons Adult Transformation 1 1454 10.0
17 Feb 2008 As Subtle as Sphinx Fantasy, Transformation 1 6668
17 Feb 2008 Corruption Adult Transformation 1 1943
17 Feb 2008 180 Meters Transformation 1 4915
17 Feb 2008 Chain Reaction Adult Transformation 1 1067
17 Feb 2008 Bodies Entwine Adult Sci-Fi, Transformation 1 8806
17 Feb 2008 Look Before you Leopard Adult Transformation 1 2161
17 Feb 2008 The Dream Dreams the Dreamer 1 1713 7.0
17 Feb 2008 Free Solo Dragon 1 1090
17 Feb 2008 Slow Change Transformation 1 4418
12 Feb 2008 The Transformed Transformation 1 1587