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Real Name • Logan Garret
Gender • male


Good morning/afternoon/evening/night what ever time of day it is where you are.

In my mid teens I discovered the furry genre, (I'm now 20) I enjoy reading and writing stories. However my battle with dyslexia is at times frustrating. But I'll just get up, put the kettle on, fuss the dog etc... and come back to it in a few minutes.

I draw and doodle allot, nothing spectacular but it keeps me busy when its raining or I'm bored. Or both. Sometimes I will ink some of my work, most of the time they just get Left as pencil/pen sketches

Furry is a big influence in my life. I so glad I found this website where I can be around like minded people that appreciate this fantastic parallel universe full of talking animals that walk up right!

My favourites have to be Canine stories and art. I draw pretty much exclusively dogs, wolves and foxes.

I had the living crap beaten out of me at school when I came out at age 15. So much so that I had to change schools and spent the next three years not really talking to anyone. Through irrational fear that it would happen again... Anyway that's enough about me.

I will be posting stuff on here when I get the time but at the moment I work full-time and have a never ending battle keeping my old Jeep from turning in to an enormous pile of blue dust. But nil desperandum, I will be posting soon.





Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
31 Dec 2012 November. Drama, Gay 1 1618 10.0