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Real Name • Tyler
Web Sitehttp://www.furaffinity.net/user/ninjafox23
Gender • male

Hello, all you peoples out there!

...now, why would you be wanting to know anything about little ol' me?

Well, anyways...

I...!  Am... not really a ninja, actually.  Nope.  Not at all.

But I am a fox!  Red Fox, Vulpes Vulpes - whoo!  Just like tons of others...!

(Actually, more of a corsac/red mix, but close enough.)

Anyhow, I write, I draw, I compose music, and I animate!  Except that all such works of mine are pretty much nonexistent on the internet!  So, I've joined this site in hopes of inspiring myself to write more, and post more!

I write mostly Sci-Fi, though I dabble a bit in fantasy here or there... among bits of other things.  I'm not particularly into romance; I focus, instead, on close relationships between siblings, parents, or friends and the like.  You'll find pretty much no sex in any of my writing; sorry!

That being said, I also focus on realism; I try to make everything as realistic as possible, whether it be the science, the reactions, the emotions, or the way bread always lands butter-side down!

If you see anything that's some sort of logical fallacy, impossible or wrong in real-life, please point it out!

Most of my works started out as fanfiction; a challenge to myself to take whatever ridiculous world exists in fiction (such as Pokemon), and turn it into a hard Sci-Fi or something!

And... I've probably rambled too much.

Well, anyways, enjoy!  That is, if I even have anything there...!



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
25 Jun 2013 Drift Grey-verse Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi 3 5983
28 Jan 2013 Slice o' life! Ish. Random-verse Fantasy, Sci-Fi 9 4725
14 Dec 2012 Matt and Allie [drabbles/flash-fictions/character sketches] Frustrations-verse Drama 2 920