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Gender • male

Well, first off, I just do this for fun. So, whenver I have some free time, I let my creativity flow. It is basically my substitute for music. When I can't make music, I write stories. I've always been really interested in literature, and just.. art in general. Also, thank you, to anyone that reads my story(s), it means a lot to me, whether you enjoy it or not. But I do hope you enjoy it.

I'm also very open to new characters. So, if you contact me in anyway, and would like to be a character in the story, I'll try my best to get you in the story(s). I'm really just, looking for more and more ideas, so if you would, suggest ideas!



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
27 May 2013 Common People Adult Erotica, Gay, Romance 3 9526 9.5
28 Feb 2013 Such A Sad Sigh(t) Adventures Through My Mind Adventure 1 43
28 Feb 2013 My Make Believe Adventures Through My Mind Adventure 1 54
28 Feb 2013 Flight Can Take You Anywhere Adventures Through My Mind Adventure 1 59 10.0
28 Feb 2013 Reality Escaping My Grasp Adventures Through My Mind Adventure 1 44
24 Feb 2013 Crossroads of the Apocalypse Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Thriller 13 26253 10.0
19 Feb 2013 Everett & Epyk Adult Erotica 2 4017 10.0