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Real Name • Andrew Bailey
Yahoo IM • feare909@yahoo.com
Gender • male

The thing about fiction is that it's an art. Art comes in many forms, whether it's paint of a brush, a song composed, clay that is molded, or words on paper.I admit, I'm not the best with advanced vocabulary, and sometimes, I'm bound to miss an opportunity for a figurative metaphor for my writing style, but that is me. My style is efficient because I'm content with it.    All beginning writers, at least once in their trials, want a set of instructions. Heck, I hardly knew what I was doing when I started writing. Regardless, I tried it out, a couple of people on the website read it, said they liked it, so I kept on with it. 3 years later, I have 7 series, and 79 chapters in total. Nothing published, of course.    



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
20 Dec 2012 Written Love Adult Gay 3 11914
28 Nov 2012 Endangered Love Adult Gay 9 26905
20 Aug 2012 Young Love Adult Young Love Gay 2 4032
15 Aug 2012 Healing Love Adult Healing Love, Young Love Romance 15 70721 9.5