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Real Name • Franck P. Rabeson
Live Journaldar-han
Web Sitehttp://erkhyan.dreamwidth.org
AIM • darhan1984
MSN IM • rabeson_franck@yahoo.fr
Yahoo IM • rabeson_franck
Gender • male

I live in Antananarivo, Madagascar, and am probably the only person in this country who identifies as a furry. I (used to) draw a lot (but recently hit an all-time low in art block). I also write, but about as fast as an Ent, and so the very few stories I might post will probably have taken from several months to several years to write.

Also an avid reader, most of the time. I consider the lack of books in this country (besides the Bible and romance dime novels) to be a crime against culture.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
09 Aug 2013 The Wandering Suns Adult Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gay, Romance 1 1142
14 Feb 2010 Kayn (First draft) Adult Drama, Erotica, Gay, Romance 2 3941 8.0
17 Oct 2007 ShadowKnight (First version) Adult Gay, Romance, Sci-Fi 3 8367 8.0