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And here in it's natural habitat, we observe the rare species of Dave, although it tend to go more often by it's fur-handle Marsten. It's a student wolf, presently studying film, and therefore spend most of it's time either reading, writing, or watching tv and movies.

Marstens live in the savannas of Africa, but some have emigrated to urbanized areas, and they can often be found scavenging scraps of food from bins. Their dens are usually built in soft earth, and they will often make use of unguarded badger or fox dens for their homes. They prefer warms climates in which to breed, and the females carry their young for three months before giving birth.

Marstens will chase away anyone who encroaches on their territory to 'spread the word of God', and have been known to severely mutilate those who speak out against Marstens' sexual preferences. The Marstens, as a species, seem to prefer high art. They have a peculiar amazement with culture, society and history. They appear to enjoy learning, and the manner in which they interact with one another suggests that they take their friendship quite seriously.

Marstens like to write. They like to hear if you enjoyed their writing. They might write for you if you ask nicely.

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Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
02 Jul 2007 Feral Claw Fantasy 1 5178 6.0
02 Jul 2007 The Tales of Denn Romance 1 3040
02 Jul 2007 Space Warrior Hitachi Adventure 2 5315 8.5
02 Jul 2007 The Furry Inquisition - The Great And Mighty Tale (and Tail) Fantasy 1 1650