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Real Name • Craig Davies-Tomkinson
MSN IM • cirraxlankart@yahoo.co.uk
Gender • male

Ah, the joyous sight of words on a page. Nothing can compare to them.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Craig Davies-Tomkinson at your service. It twas this very site that distilled such a now avid love for anthro's into my blood. Whether this will be a curse or gift remains to be seen.

I am a fox fursion. You might be able to tell thay due to the renown characterisation of my stories. The main character is always a fox. hehe.

I am 18 years of age.

I hope you all enjoy my stories...that is, when I get around to writing them. hehe.

Good day to you all. ;)


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
04 Feb 2008 Little Lies Adult Drama, Erotica, Gay, Mystery, Romance 4 5238
10 Jan 2008 Bell Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller 3 7844 7.0
23 May 2007 Acceptance is a Virtue Adult Drama, Erotica, Gay, Romance 14 10667 8.0