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Tigz Hunter

Real Name • Chris
Yahoo IM • shironwolf@ymail.com
Gender • male

I am silver wolf named Tigz Cerber Hunter, i am a writer and i work hard on what i write, i am not the best with ideas or making a stories. I want to try and improve myself to be better in writing and other things. Ohter than stories i love to hang out and play video games and such like 360 or PS3 normally. I am slowly becoming better i think at writing but i have a long way to go so i can be really good like most people are.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
19 Aug 2011 Spirit Chronicles Adult Adventure 1 8006
03 Jan 2011 Dragon Age Furry Adventure 2 5437
27 Nov 2010 .Hack//Furry-The Return Mystery 3 6401