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AIM • Foxfyre4420@aim.com
MSN IM • Foxfyre4420@live.com
Yahoo IM • Foxfyre4420@yahoo.com
Gender • male

This silver wolf came to Furrag after seeing it mentioned in a watched user's journal on another site. Now ge's quite happy to be part of a community that gives stories more than a cursory glance.

He's pretty reasonable, preferring to have a logical discussion rather than a physical fight, but should one come, he would accept it with paws raised and clenched into fists. For a more detailed look at him, check out New Anthro Empire at http://anthroempire.net/character/id/45 (The site contains adult content, but the profile does not.)

Wanna get to know him a bit more? Send him a message somewhere, just make a note of where you got his info, he doesn't respond to pokes from random people.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
17 Feb 2011 Rohan's Journey Adult Adventure, Erotica, Fantasy, Romance, Transformation 16 38676
22 Oct 2010 Deceiver Adult Erotica, Gay, Romance 1 2390
18 Oct 2010 A Dark Night Adult Erotica 1 4631
18 Oct 2010 Night Terror Adult Drama, Horror, Thriller, Transformation 1 4957
17 Oct 2010 The Origin of Foxfyre Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, History, Romance 1 18680
16 Oct 2010 Life Among the Stars Sci-Fi 1 888 6.0