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Fenris Lupin

I'm a new author but i believe that I have some talent. I am currently working on my Flagship series "Fenris' Inferno." I named it so because it will be MY Divine Comedy. It will have three series. "Inferno", "Purgatorio", and "Paradiso". It will feature many of my friends but focus on me and my fursona. I will use it to try new things that have been rarely/never seen in furry writing. And just as Dante wrote The Divine Comedy in hopes of writing something comparable to Voltiere I am hoping that mine will be comparable or GREATER than my idol VonKreiger/Hellkat. So always be honest in your reviews.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
04 Aug 2010 Fenris's Inferno Chapter 1: Skritch Comedy, Transformation 1 1113