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Argus Warner

Real Name • Warnndog

I've been in the furry fandome since 1997, but I've been writting since I was 10 years old. Originally I came into the furry fandom as an artist, and continued my endavors to be a better artist when I realized that I really didn't care for the craft as much as I do writting. So refocusing my attention, I am a commited writter. I have been published in several conbooks, including Memphit Furmeet, Oklacon, Pawpet Megaplex and soon to be Rocky Mountain Fur Con. I have stories on FA and So Furry. If anyone is curious, you can find more about me at Warnndog.com


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
30 Sep 2010 Moon Base Drama 1 2462
15 Sep 2010 Grizzly Encounter 1 1648 6.0
09 Aug 2010 Captains Orders Drama 1 2751 6.0
08 Aug 2010 Cowboy?s Dawn Drama 1 2850
29 Jul 2010 The Two Brass Rings Adult Erotica 4 4685