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Mydnyte Eclipse

Gender • male

        Heya!  Name's Mydnyte Eclipse but please feel free to just call me Mydnyte or Myd for short.  I've been writing off and on for a little while now, for a couple years.   Lately I have picked up writing again and am hoping to continue to better myself.  Please feel free to let me know or message me if you have anything you wanna ask, discuss or simply to just meet with a fellow writer.   I'm very friendly and rather open about a lot of things.

       Name:  Mydnyte Shadow Eclipse

          Age: 25

      Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

      Status: In a relationship with my dragon but I always enjoy a good RP (keeps the writing juices goin) =P




Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
25 May 2010 Enshrouded: Chapter 2- The Crew Enshrouded Fantasy, Sci-Fi 1 12023
07 May 2010 Enshrouded: Chapter 1- The Dream Enshrouded Fantasy, Sci-Fi 1 12927 6.0