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Real Name • C S Teel
Gender • male

This person is not Chromium Steel, or C S Teel for that matter, Chromium Steel is simply a memorable address for e-mail and account names.

He hails from one of the farthermost regions on Earth, New Zealand.  He does admit to being male, and has survived his twenties with only a few scars to show for it. Was once described by friends as ‘The most useful person to know in a post-collapse-of-civilisation world.’ He does admit to looking at the world from a slightly obtuse angle, but otherwise is pretty damn boring. He is extremely proud to be a New Zealander.

Tends to write 'Character Driven, Hard Science Speculative Fiction.' That all being 'said', he will write what ever the story (or the client) demands. Don't be surprised if a horror, fantasy, military, or crime stories turns up now-and-then.

At the moment he is simply writing for himself, but does plan to take on commissions in the future.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
18 Oct 2010 Dichotomy - (Directors Cut) Adult Ferals Adventure 1 8317
11 Sep 2010 She waits Lose Enz Romance 1 1050
03 Jul 2010 Advice To The Newly Arrived Skinny Article, Rant 6 28222 9.0
25 Jun 2010 Alice's Adventures Under The Honneyed Isles From The Slush Pile Adventure, Fantasy 1 2433
28 May 2010 The Most Massive Thing You Know Ferals Sci-Fi 1 2158
07 May 2010 Dichotomy - Mk 1 Adult Ferals, From The Slush Pile Adventure, Sci-Fi 1 5389 8.0
30 Apr 2010 An Origin Myth Ferals History, Sci-Fi 1 1388 6.0
09 Apr 2010 The Fox And The Kiwi Adult Drama, Romance 8 36736 8.7
01 Apr 2010 Hunting Ferals Adult Ferals Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi 1 4589
01 Apr 2010 Wild Flowers Adult Ferals Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi 1 5033 8.0
13 Mar 2010 Work Experience Adult Drama, Sci-Fi 3 10837