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Real Name • Red

*Description of me from a random fur.*
I padded out to the beach and silently laid down. I sighed as I felt the warm sand across my back, and gently I closed my eyes feeling a gentle breeze sway through my fur. I was laying for only a few moments when a soft voice said. "Mind if I lay here." My eyes quickly fluttered open to see a muscular fox looming over me. He was about 5'6 at my guess, and he was gesturing towards a spot in the sand next to me. I glanced around and noticed the beach was oddly empty, then I looked back to the kind blue eyes of the fox. "Sure why not." I muttered then quickly I closed my eyes, for I feared that I would get lost in the wonderful blue eyes. I laid like that for a few moments, then quickly stole a glance to the fox and noticed that his eyes where sealed shut. Quickly I examined him, His fur was mostly a bright mix of orange and red, but running from his mouth across his chest and ending at his crotch was a line of white. I found that I was transfixed in the many planes of the furs body. My eyes took in every part of him, from his angled face and perky ears to solid arms and chizzled abs. I glanced down to his crotch and saw a very large package concealed within his trunks. I thought of what it would be like to feel that massive tool, and my face flushed red as I noticed my trunks begin to tighten up. Quickly I looked away and waited for my body died down. Soon though, I turned my gaze back to the attractive fox, and to my surprise his bright blue eyes where open, and he was staring at me. His face wore a small grin and slowly he got up and stretched his muscles. I watched, transfixed at his body and suddenly he looked down to me and motioned for me to get up. I did as I was told and then the fox clamped down on one of my arms. With that he led me to one of the changing stalls on the empty beach, and pushed me inside. I landed with a dull thump on the steel bench, and quickly the fox closed the door to the stall. He turned around then and his eyes fixed on mine. I watched in awe as he slowly began to remove his trunks. Statistics Pageviews: 13
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21 Feb 2010 Meeting Red Adult Gay 1 1991