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spikey pete

Gender • male

I used to post my work over on Yiffstar until they ruined it by turning it into Sofurry, which is really nothing more that a cheap rip off of Furaffinty with no where to post stories any more.

So me and a few of the fans of the old site went looking for a replacment and found FurRag, (the answer to our preys)

Anyway I will be posting my new stories here first, and if I every get around to it (or more than likely be bothered to) I'll post some of them on Sofurry.

I always listen to reviwes and comments so don't be shy. Also I sometimes take requests.

Last thing I'll say I'm a nice friendy guy (not gay so please don't ask) and I'm keen to build up a list of fans like I had over on Yiffstar.






Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
18 Apr 2010 The escape chapter four double trouble Adult Transformation 1 13006 5.5
26 Feb 2010 The escape chapter three life continues. Adult Transformation 1 14707 10.0
05 Feb 2010 The escape chapter two new life Adult The Escape Erotica 1 10893 7.0
02 Feb 2010 The escape Adult The Escape Transformation 1 11159 5.7
29 Dec 2009 Health spa, a Tina story Fanfiction 1 1643 4.0
29 Dec 2009 A show of character Adult Erotica 1 8572 8.0